Advantages of synthetic paper | synthetic paper label

Dec 08, 2021
The main component of synthetic paper is polypropylene plastic, which can be reused and can be completely burned. It will not affect the service life of the incinerator, and it will not produce toxic gas, avoid secondary pollution, and meet the requirements of modern environmental protection. Therefore, synthetic paper label is also an environmentally friendly label. [1] 
1. Environmental protection. The raw material source and manufacturing process of PP synthetic paper will not cause environmental changes or damage. PP synthetic paper can be 100% recycled after use, even if it is incinerated, because its plastic substrate contains only carbon and oxygen elements, and no toxic gas will be generated. Substituting plastic for paper and plastic for wood, synthetic paper raw materials do not require wood and natural plant fibers, which can save a lot of forest resources and reduce environmental pollution.
2. Economy. Calcium carbonate {CaC03) is filled with minerals, with a weight ratio of up to 60%, which can effectively reduce the consumption of plastics and is recyclable. The price of calcium carbonate is low and stable.
3. Good processability, cutting, die-cutting, embossing, bronzing, drilling, sewing, folding, glueing and other processing methods can be used.
4. Light specific gravity (density is generally less than 0.8g/cm3) and good rigidity.
5. Very durable, high strength, puncture-proof, tear-resistant (especially horizontal), abrasion resistance, and good folding resistance. 6. It does not contain natural fibers, and is 100% waterproof, chemical and greaseproof.
7. The whiteness and opacity of the paper can reach more than 90%, with good opacity and good UV stability.
8. Smooth surface, stable size, high-quality printing performance, good printing adaptability, printing methods such as lithography, letterpress, gravure, offset, silk screen, flexo (aniline) and solvent inks, pencils, ballpoint pens, etc. can also be used Write directly.
9. It can replace composite paper products such as composite, aluminum spray, and laminating.
10. Direct contact with food is allowed.
11. Long shelf life, mothproof and anticorrosive.
synthetic paper label