Classification of label printing inks

Dec 08, 2021
There are many types of label printing inks. According to the different solvents used, they can be divided into three categories-water-based label printing inks, solvent-based label printing inks and UV label printing inks:
⑴Water-based ink is safe and hygienic, non-polluting, conforms to environmental protection requirements, and is beneficial to human health; but it also has shortcomings, such as slow drying speed, low color saturation, poor stability, etc., it is not suitable for printing on large areas, and precipitation is easy to occur after long-term placement. Delamination phenomenon.
⑵Solvent-based label printing ink has strong adaptability to label materials, stable performance, and high printing quality; but there are environmental pollution problems, and some volatile solvents are harmful to humans.
⑶UV label printing ink has excellent performance, reliable quality, and a wide range of applications; but the price is high, and special drying equipment is required, and there are certain requirements for supporting materials.
Selection of ink considerations
When choosing label printing inks, it is necessary to comprehensively consider several factors such as the type of printing material, printing methods and printing conditions, customer special requirements, post-press processing technology, label usage and usage conditions, and cost.
The properties of label printing inks mainly include hue, fineness, saturation, gloss, adhesion, viscosity, dryness, etc. These properties have an important impact on the printing process and printing quality.