Don't rush to take off the face shield

Aug 17, 2021
Not long ago, the leader Moreno suggested not to use the provisions of face masks, but the Ministry of Consideration and the Ministry of the Interior has decided that since the risk of the epidemic has not yet been reduced, the people need multiple protections. Fu Chang Du Ji said: "We can't open the mask policy for the time being, and now the coverage rate of complete two doses is only a little over 2%."
As the mayor of Manila, Moreno’s original intention for abolishing the use of face masks was to reduce the extra expenditure of the people. He believes that it is not necessary to wear it in other places except in the hospital. Later, Vice Minister of Health Wei Ya said that when indoors, or when interacting face-to-face indoors, you must wear a face mask. She thinks this is an additional protection to avoid spreading or contracting the virus. When outdoors, because the risk of infection is low, people can walk without wearing a mask, and to avoid fog that may affect their sight and cause safety hazards.
I thought that the question of whether to wear a face mask came to an end. Unexpectedly, President Duterte’s opinion on this came to an end only a few days later. Lao Du said: “People only need to wear a face mask when they are in a hospital.” It is said that President Du’s sentence was revealed. It was Senate President Vicente Sotto III and Senator Joel Villanueva. Later, Presidential Spokesperson Locke confirmed it and pointed out that “when the President makes a decision, this It’s a government policy.” Seeing that President Du’s words may become a new policy, Francisco Duke, the Minister of Health in charge of health work, naturally can’t sit still. He said: “If the President finally decides to only require hospitals The Philippine Ministry of Health will appeal the use of a mask."  
From the perspective of the whole process surrounding whether to cancel the wearing of the mask, whether it is advocates to cancel or request to continue to wear it, it seems that they have their own reasons for standing, one is to reduce the burden on the people; the other is for the health of the people. The author believes that the latter should be adopted more, that is, indoors, including enclosed public spaces, schools, workplaces, restaurants, shopping malls, public markets, public transportation, docks, religious places, etc., must wear a face mask. As Minister Du Ji of the Ministry of Health said, “An extra layer of protection is better than nothing.” Moreover, so far, the epidemic situation in the Philippines is still difficult to be optimistic. Some places with few cases have also seen a surge, so don’t rush to pick them up. Under the mask as well
 don't rush to take off the face shield