Main uses of EVA die cut materials

Aug 17, 2021
The EVA material is ethylene-ethylene VA, and the general ethylene ethylene (ethylene) content is 5% to 40%. Synthesized with polyethylene, EVA introduces mild properties into the molecular chain, thereby reducing high crystallinity, improving flexibility, impact resistance, compatibility and sealing, and is widely used in shoe materials and functional shell films. , Packaging film, hot melt adhesive, wire and cable, toys and other fields.
With the development of the footwear industry and the increase in the use of reduced films, the demand for EVA has increased year by year.
1. Shoe Material
Shoes are a high application area for protecting EVA materials. Among the EVA materials used in the material, the ethylene content of shoes is 15%-22%. Because the general resin blend texture products have softness, good elasticity, chemical resistance and other properties, they have been widely penetrated into the soles and materials of middle and high-end tourist shoes, hiking shoes, southern and sandals. In addition, this material is also used in the field of special material plates, operating mats and sealing materials. , Fujian's Jiang, Quanzhou and Zhejiang's Wenzhou are the main production bases to protect the footwear industry, and a large number of EVA resin products are once a year.
2. Film
The main purpose of EVA film is to produce functional greenhouse film. The dripping performance can also last for about 2 months; and the film made of a large amount of EVA has light transmittance, and the anti-fog dripping performance is also improved, generally more than 4 months. , EVA is used to produce packaging film, medical film, laminated film, casting film, etc.
3. Wire and cable
With the continuous development of computer and network engineering, people are increasingly using fiber-free optical cables and reflective cross-linked cables for the safety of computer rooms. Because EVA has good water resistance and cross-linkability, it is used in halogen-free optical fiber cables, interface cables and two-step induction cross-linked cables. EVA resin has also been deeply processed for some special cable sheaths. In the EVA resin in the cable, the ethylene ethylene content is generally 12% to 24%.
4. Toys
EVA resin also has toy applications in toys, such as children's rabbits, seat cushions and so on. The toy processing industry is developing rapidly, and the production is mostly concentrated in the coastal areas of Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Shantou, mainly for export and open-air processing. , These manufacturers produce about 5,000 tons of EVA resin each year, and the grades used are basically the same as the materials used for shoe materials.
5. Hot melt adhesive
Hot melt adhesive with EVA material as the main component. Due to the additive component, it does not pollute the environment and does not have sex. It is very suitable for automated wireless network production. Therefore, it is widely used in the assembly of equipment, car books, furniture, and household appliances. , Shoemaking, carpet coating and metal resistive coating.WAYON STONE provide main uses of EVA die cut materials