The production principle of protective film

Aug 17, 2021
At present, with the protective film of mobile phones and other digital products in China, it is now a general term for protecting screen protective film. The principle of protective film production is subtle?
1. The principle of protective film adhesive (glue)
The protective film is elastic
Adhesive film: Its adhesive layer can be in contact with the surface to be adhered, and it has a surface absorber for sticky objects, so that the protective film can effectively contact the object.
All adhesive layers of the tear film have the ability to resist destruction, the destruction speed of the protective film is attacked, and the destruction bomb of the pressure sensitive adhesive:
Adhesive performance (stickiness): initial adhesion <adhesion <cohesion <adhesion base force
2. The main factors affecting the impact
Wetting: The pressure sensitivity of the membrane protection. Only when it is adhered to the surface of the adherend can it be wetted and contact with chemical properties can be achieved. This is the condition for physical bonding. Molecular sum diffusion: When pressure-sensitive molecules move to the surface to be adhered to, the distance between them when the moving material is in contact is less than 5A. This will result in physical and chemical bonding. Each infiltration of an adhesive layer will penetrate into the groove and the entrance under a certain pressure, so that the contact can be in contact with the air, and the roll adhesive can generate bonding force with the material to be adhered.
3. Preparation of substrate film: three steps of blow molding, casting and calendering are carried out.
4. Surface treatment of substrate film
Corona treatment: the formation of radicals and the formation of very fine potholes is the corona treatment. We fix tomorrow's glue on the backing and start to finish.

What are the ingredients of the protective film?
There are many types of protective film, which can be divided into the following types according to their composition. General protective film manufacturers have them.
1. The protective film of PP material appears on the touch screen. The chemical name has no ability. It is usually glued with water glue. After tearing it off, it will leave a glue mark on the screen, which will corrode the screen for a long time. Basically be divided.
2. The characteristic of PVC material protection sticker is soft and not easy to stick, but this kind of material is relatively thick and has poor light transmittance, which makes the screen look blurry. It will also leave a glue mark on the screen after tearing it off. This kind of texture is also easier to turn yellow and oily as the temperature changes, and the lifespan is relatively short.
3. The mature protective film of PVC solves the problems of weight and light transmittance before.
4. PET material protective film is the most common type of protective film for mobile phones, and this protective film is used for tablet computers.
5. AR material protector is the best known screen protector.
6. The main raw material of PE material is LLDPE, which is relatively soft and has a certain degree of inference.
7. The protective film of OPP material is relatively close to the PET protective film in appearance, and its characteristics have certain excellent characteristics, but its use effect is very good, and it is rarely used in the general market.
8. The protective film made of OCA is no different from other materials in appearance, but the protective film made of OCA is produced in Japan. It is now used to maximize the application on Apple mobile phones, and its brightness and hardness are better than other materials. , So OCA is now the most popular material for mobile phone protective film.