What is a protective film

Oct 26, 2021
Definition: As the name implies, it is a film used to protect the product, a layer of plastic film or paper film attached to the surface of an object. Avoid collisions or scratches during the production, transportation, and use of the product, and prevent the dust layer, dirt, etc. from contaminating the product. After installation or use, the protective film should be removed immediately to prevent too long time and aging of the film, which will cause the protective film to not be torn off and affect the appearance of the product (mobile phones, computers, etc.)
According to what mark is the viscosity of the protective film produced?
It must be stated that the protective film currently does not have national standards or industry standards, only corporate standards, which are set by each enterprise according to the actual situation. The viscosity of the protective film cannot be specified by the manufacturer of the protective film. Instead, it must be customized according to the customer's requirements such as the material of the substrate provided by the customer, the surface smoothness, and the purpose of the product. Generally, it cannot be universal.
The basic principle of the protective film is: easy to stick on, not to fall off; easy to tear off, but no glue residue, no adverse effects on the surface of the substrate. It is definitely different from tape, the stronger the tape, the better.