Die cutting|Introduction to the production and application of die-cut adhesive stickers

Sep 16, 2021
Die cutting adhesive stickers are used to process adhesive products into regular sizes and shapes through die-cutting technology, which can meet the needs of a variety of industries. Generally, mass production can be done after confirming the template. The assistance of transportation and other industries has a very strong role. The editor will give you a detailed introduction:
1. Nail industry
Die-cutting adhesive stickers have been used in the nail industry in recent years. The most typical one is nail art jelly stickers. Nail art jelly stickers can be used to paste nail pieces, wear nails, and diamond jewelry with simple operations. It does not hurt the nails and meets the needs of many women who love beauty, and is generally delivered to the nail industry in batches.
2. Wig industry
The wig industry also has a great demand for glue. Regular die-cut adhesive stickers can make wigs more stable, thin and convenient, instead of traditional wig glue.
3. Household industry
Die-cut adhesive stickers can also be processed into foam double-sided adhesives in batches, etc., which can be used as mobile phone holder bases, non-marking hook adhesives, etc., and have many functions for household life.