Introduction to the function of iphone protective film

Jul 08, 2021
The iphone protective film are mainly tempered film and plastic film. If you want to paste it, it is recommended that you still paste the toughened film, because the plastic film is basically the same as no paste. First, let's take a look at the definition of tempered film:

Tempered glass iphone protective film is a new mobile phone protective film launched in the United States in 2012. It is currently the most enhanced high-end product for protecting the screen. Sticking on the phone's toughened film can prevent the phone screen from being scratched by external forces and increase impact absorption, but it will not affect the screen viewing effect. Can the tempered film play a role in preventing breakage?

The answer is that it is effective to a certain extent. After being pasted, it is equivalent to the second external screen of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone is dropped, the tempered film will resist the first wave of damage and play a buffering effect for the real screen. Reduce the probability of broken screen. However, the so-called tempered film can guarantee that the screen will not be broken. Don't believe it. The screen will not be broken. It is all luck! Because the main material of tempered glass is ordinary glass, the screens of most mid-to-high-end mobile phones currently on the market use Corning's Gorilla Glass. Gorilla uses special tempered glass, which is much stronger than ordinary glass.

This level of toughened glass is not afraid of being scratched by knives or keys. The only thing you are afraid of is sand. If you don’t believe it, if you press it with a small stone, it will leave a trace, so the most important thing for everyone to dike is small, sharp gravel and the like. Here's a little more popular science, the mobile phone screen is divided into an internal screen and an external screen. The internal screen is the display screen. The external screen is mainly for user protection and touch. Generally, the broken ones are also the external screen.